Artist’s Statement

gallery installation

Much of my current work is mixed media with an emphasis on printmaking, collage and painting. Inspired by literature and influenced by my environs, I often create works that are thematic, frequently including references to my favorite motifs: blackbirds and bare trees. I produce a limited number of block prints whose themes and subject matter are often reflective of those contained in my paintings. While my mixed media work is known for its color and air of spontaneity, the prints, which are mainly black and white, have a more graphic look.

Having a dual focus allows me to work with the qualities of each medium to its best advantage. The delicate transparency of watercolor and the vibrant color of pastel along with tactile elements of collage can combine in a painting that is rich in emotion for both the artist and the viewer. The simplicity of a small block print belies the thought and planning that go into the final image.

“In all of my work I strive to reach a balance between design and idea and hope that in each piece there is just enough left unstated to evoke more personal interpretations.”

Joan Colbert