Art by Joan Colbert

“In all of my work I strive to reach a balance between design and idea and hope that in each piece there is just enough left unstated to evoke more personal interpretations.”

the hare woodcut

The Hare, woodcut

Artist Joan Colbert works in a mix of media with an emphasis on printmaking, painting and collage. Whether working with a specific subject for a client or imagining the visual interpretation of a written passage, she always strives for an ambiguity that invites personal interpretation from the viewer.

Inspired by literature and influenced by her environs, she often produces works that are thematic and include appearances of her favorite motifs: blackbirds and bare trees.

NEW!   View the ongoing series, As Potent as a Charm, as it appeared in the BOX gallery, Akron, Ohio.

as potent as a charm postcard

as potent as a charm in the box gallery


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