“. . . a wonderful time admiring all the detail and special touches you included. Thank you so much for putting so much love in your work.” L.L.

“Done in black and white, the works call for consideration about the artist’s knowledge of esoteric ideas and concepts . . . Her works are thoughtful and superbly rendered.” Summit Artspace exhibiting gallery’s artists, Roger Durbin, West Side Leader, January 30, 2014, writing about Upstairs Downstairs

“Also highly desirable, being wonderfully conceived and executed, are Colbert’s linoleum block prints from As Potent as a Charm, her poisonous plant series. Her mischievous take on indiscreet monks, wayward wolves and dallying maidens makes for a dark-humored tripartite tryst, the underlying theme of which is monkshood a well-known poisonous plant, every part of which is lethal.” Artspace residents come together for wide-ranging show, Dorothy Shinn, Akron Beacon Journal, February 19, 2014, reviewing Upstairs Downstairs

“. . . we are given key insights into the mind of the contemporary printer. Colbert, whose work is as always clear-eyed as well as deceptively charming, offers us a means to an end.” Impressive prints at Summit Artspace, Dorothy Shinn, Akron Beacon Journal, October 13, 2013, writing in her review of First Impressions.

“Thank you so much! The picture is amazing and totally shows his personality. . . . “ M.O.

“Allusion, context, symbolism . . . are key elements in successful works. No one knows that better than Colbert, whose fondness for crows and blackbirds of all sorts leads her to create such timely prints as her block print and acrylic Commodity Traders which shows a murder of crows gathered to scoop up the scraps falling from a nest on which sits the goose that laid the golden eggs.
Also of note is her Lotus Series, which refers to sites of the yoga chakras, which she has made into a wall piece, a well as a wonderful, delicate and marvelously made artist’s accordion-fold book, The Kundalini Serpent. It’s not for sale, but if it were she could sell all she could make.”  Summit Artspace showcases Arts Alive! award winners, Dorothy Shinn, Akron Beacon Journal, May 6, 2012, reviewing Why Art’s Alive in Akron. And, on the gallery installation, she states: “ . . . Colbert, who curated the show, has as usual done a wonderful job of displaying all works to their best advantage.

“. . . as solid an example of excellent curating as has ever been seen at the Akron Area Arts Alliance gallery . . . Curated by Joan Colbert, Akron artist, printmaker . . . the exhibit reflects her finely honed sense of balance and complexity.” Summit Artspace exhibit showcases trio of artists, Dorothy Shinn, Akron Beacon Journal,March 14, 2010. writing about Narratives: Sean O’Donnell, John Sokol, Frank Bell White.

“It’s a fetching work, as is the whole series, with lighthearted moments mixed with the magic of music, the lore of Mussorgsky and mythological witch Baba Yaga.” Rubber City Showcases 61 Beauties, Dorothy Shinn, Akron Beacon Journal art and architecture critic, reviewing an Artists of Rubber City exhibit, January 21, 2007.